NWA xxxx

Meteorite:NWA xxxx, , North West Africa
UNCL, unclassified chondrite (H?)
Sample:NWA xxxx
Weight: 31.23g Size: 34x22x21mm
An unclassified NWA meteorite. It has a small portion of fusion crust, one cut surface with lots of metal and two striated surfaces. Striated surfaces could be slicken sides, but I think that they may be shatter cones. I was aware of two true shatter cones reported in meteorites (both in NWA 869 pieces) before I got this.
A striated surface next to thumbprinted fusion crust. This striated surface looks very much like shatter cone. Unfortunately this surface is not good enough or big enough to be sure.
A cut face of the sample. Some chondrules and lots of metal flakes are visible. This is probably a H chondrite.
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