Meteorite:Lieksa, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland
IAB-ung., iron, octahedrite
Found 30 May 2017.
Weight: 27.1g Size: 29x22x20mm
Lieksa 2 meteorite from Lieksa. This fragment of sulfide iron meteorite was found by me. It was analyzed by Geological Survey of Finland and its composition was like IAB iron as was the first Lieksa iron found in May 2017 by Pekka Vallimies. However, inner structure is a little bit different. A small piece was cut off from this for analyses. Original weight of this piece was 33.6 g. There was a small piece (3.7 g) broken off when I found this. So original total weight of this meteorite was 37.3 g at least.
This is the first meteorite found by me.
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