Meteorite:Lieksa, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland
IAB-ung., iron, octahedrite
Found 30 May 2017.
Weight: 13.3g Size: 18x15x8mm
Lieksa 5 (propable) meteorite. This was my second iron find from Lieksa strewn field. However, this structure and composition was somehow odd and it was first classified as indrustrial metal, but later it become more obvious that this is indeed a meteorite. Unlike Lieksa 2 I found earlier this has more metal. However, trace elements has some oddities but it seems that all Lieksa irons are experience heavy alteration. Probably it is basically an metal rich impact breccia from impact between metal and chondrite asteroids. There may have happen fractionated crystallisation in the resulting parent body of Lieksa meteorites. Original weight of Lieksa 5 was 10.7 g. Here it is as a button made for laboratorio analyses. Mass of meteorite has less than original, but this button is heavier than original framgent.
This side shows unpolished cut face made to other side to fit the sample into the button.
The polished side of this analyse button.
This shows the polished surface of the sample used for analyses. Structure of this piece is little bit visible in this photo.
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