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I usually trade or exchange samples with other collectors.

However, I can sell samples by using PayPal if you prefer to buy. I have now prices for these samples. Note that as a buyer you will pay postage and package. So if you are interested to buy something from me, send me an email and tell what samples you are interested and will I tell you total payment. My minimum price will be 4.00 euros for a sample.

If value is "EBay", then the sample is on EBay auction. If it will not sell there, it will be back here after auction ends.
If value is "On hold", then sample is on hold for somebody and not available right now.
This sample is available for trade!

Stac Fada

Sample:Impactite layer
Weight: 3.2g Size: 23x15x11mm
Shock metamorphosed rock from Stac Fada formation.
Value: 4.00 +post & package
From:Stac Fada, Scotland, United Kingdom
Stac Fada member is a 6-20 m thick layer of mud/sandstone like rock. Shock metamorphism present. Age 1178 Ma.
A small broken fragment. Does have a green (former) glass clast.
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