Geological samples for exchange

I do exchange geological samples.

So if you are interested to get something from me, send me an email and tell what samples you are interested. Also tell me what you have to offer.

I am interested especially impactites and meteorites, but also other kind of geological samples are welcome.

This sample is available for trade!

Stac Fada

Sample:Impactite layer
Weight: 3.2g Size: 23x15x11mm
Shock metamorphosed rock from Stac Fada formation.
Note: -
From:Stac Fada, Scotland, United Kingdom
Stac Fada member is a 6-20 m thick layer of mud/sandstone like rock. Shock metamorphism present. Age 1178 Ma.
A small broken fragment. Does have a green (former) glass clast.
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