Topical philately: Stamps with halo like features

Here is several stamps with has some halo like features. I have collect these just for reference. 




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Subject: Crus del sur and Santa Fe bridge

Postage: 2000 pesos
Issued: 16 Oct 1982

Behind the bridge there is a logo which looks like a 22° halo with a sun pillar. It seems that this has nothing to do with halos. 

Subject: 100th anniversary of revolution of Pernambuco
Postage: 100 reis
Issued: 6 March 1917

A stamp where is a the sun in the middle and a rainbow or 22° halo like arc around it. Probably nothing to do with halos.




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Subject: Canso Flying Boat / Fidase 1955-1957
Postage: 1 pound

A stamp of a flying boat plane. Behind the plane there is colored arc of light phenomena. Probably a rainbow, but that could be also 46 degree infralateral arc.

Poste Italiane

Subject: A church and some kind of sun with ring around it

Postage: 1.20 lire


There is a cross in front of some kind of sun. Some kind of ring is surrounding the sun. That could be a halo, but more likely it is a religious halo.

[ See photo in Jari Luomanen's homepage


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Correos del Peru

Subject: Irrigation system of La Achirana (or Ica river)

Postage: 30 cts - airmail

Issued: 1 July 1938

Landscape which has sun on the background. Two circles can be seen around the sun. A typical 22° and 46° halo like situation which has probably nothing to do with halos.


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General Gouvernement (= Poland during German occupation)

Subject: German occupation first anniversary

Postage: 12 + 38 groszy
issued: 1940

In the background there is a sun with a nazi symbol in middle and which has a 22° halo like circle around it. Probably nothing to do with halos.


Postage: 20 gr

Stamp where is two circles around the sun in background. Probably nothing to do with halos.

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