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Country Norway
CoordinatesLat. N 73°48' Long.E 29°40'
Diameter km 40.0
Age Ma or date 143.0 ±20.0
Remarks Submarine crater in the Barents Sea.

Dypvik 2010 Dypvik H., Claeys P., Deutsch A., Kyte F.T., Matsui T. and Smelror M., "Drilling the Mjølnir impact crater in the Barents Sea", NGF Abstracts and Proceedings, no. 1, p.41 (2010)
Lagenhorst 1996a Lagenhorst F. and Deutsch A., "The Azuara and Rubielos Structures, Spain: Twin Impact Craters or Alpine Thrust Systems? TEM Investigations on Deformed Quartz Disprove Shock Origin", XXVII LPSC, Abstract 1363, Lunar and Planetary Institute (1996)
Lagenhorst 1996b Lagenhorst F. and Dypvik H., ''Microstructural characteristics of shocked quatz from ejecta of the submarine Mjølnir impact structure, Barents sea'', in XXVII Lunar and Planetary Science Conf., Abstract Vol. Lunar and Planet. Inst. (1996)
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