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Country Russia
CoordinatesLat. N 5340' Long.E 5559'
Diameter km 0.0094
Age Ma or date 17 May 1990
Remarks Meteorite Sterlitamak (Om IIIAB iron). This was probably the biggest known cratering event in the later half of 20th century. Evening of 17th May 1990, 20 km west from Sterlitamak in Russia, a bright fireball hit the ground. Observers claims that the fireball actually hit the ground still illuminated. It made a 9.4 m wide crater.

MB 1991 Meteoritical Bulletin (1991)
Petaev 1991 Petaev M.I., Kisarev Yu.L., Mustafin Sh.A., Shakurov R.K., Pavlov A.V. and Ivanov B.A., "Meteorite Stelitamak - A New Craterforming Fall", LPSC XXII, abstract number 1527, (1991)
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