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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 62°24' Long.E 28°12'
Diameter km 3.8
Age Ma or date 710 - 1400
Synonyms Suvasvesi S, Haapaselkä.
Remarks This was though to be a twin with Suvasvesi North. Thus it was though their age may be the same. However, recent, yet to be published, study finds out that these two craters are not related (Schmieder et.al. 2014b). There is over 600 Ma between impacts. Different ages was speculated already earlier by others, since there is differences between preservation and geophysics between them.

Age of Suvasvesi South is poorly defined in spite of several datings from impactite samples. In Buchner 2009b 40Ar/39Ar age for Suvasvesi S was given as ~700.0 - 1880.0 Ma with possible minimum alteration age as 820 Ma. It seems that minimun age is 710 Ma. Maximum age 1400 Ma listed here is from the fact that there is some sandstone clasts in breccias.
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