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Country Australia
CoordinatesLat. S 2051' Long.E 13453'
Diameter km ~20
Age Ma or date 1640-600
Remarks A little bit strange structure. Elongated 20x12 km structure is suggested to be formed on oblique impact. Shatter cones and planar microfractures in quartz have been presented as evidences of impact origin.
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Macdonald 2003 Macdonald F.A. and Mitchell K., "Amelia Creek, Northern Territory, Australia: A 20 x 12 km Oblique Impact Structure With No Central Uplif.", Workshop on Impact Cratering, abstract 8006 (2003)
Macdonald 2005 Macdonald F.A., Mitchell K. and Stewart A.J., "Amelia Creek: a Proterozoic impact structure in the Davenport Ranges, Northern Territory", Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, Volume 52, Issue 4 & 5 2005, pages 631-640 (2005)
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