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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 62°39.0' Long.E 25°22.5'
Diameter km 2.6
Age Ma or date <1880.0
Remarks A 2.6 km wide circular geophysical anomaly was observed at the deeper part of Summanen lake. Lerssi et.al. (2007) come to that conclusion that there is 100-200 m deep moderately better conducting layer in the deepest part of the lake. They could not find any reason for the anomaly and suggested that the anomaly may be due to an impact structure. Lake has similar anomaly than small Karikkoselkä crater not so far away. I did some field trip there has been made there already 2014, but I could found noting supporting impact origin back then. In 2017 geologist finaly found shatter cones in boulders and a bedrock outcrop with possible shatter cone striation (Plado et.al. 2018). Later planar deformation features, PFs and FF were found by them from samples. So Summanen became 12th impact strucuture found from Finland.
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Lerssi 2007 Lerssi J., Mursu J., Niskanen M. and Pajunen H., "Summasenjärven johtavuusanomalian tutkimukset vuosina 2005 ja 2006" (in Finnish), Geological Survey of Finland, Kuopio, Q19/2243,2244/2007/1 (2007)
Plado et.al. 2018 Plado J., Hietala S., Kreitsmann T., Lerssi J., Nenonen J. and Pesonen L.J., "Summanen, a new meteorite impact structure in Central Finland", Meteoritics & Planertaru Science (in print, 2018)
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