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Country Russia
CoordinatesLat. N 5457'34'' Long.E 6019'20''
Diameter km airblast
Age Ma or date 15 Feb 2013
Synonyms Chebarkul
Remarks Coordinates are for 7 meter hole in the ice found in Chebarkul lake.

A huge fireball rocks Chelyabinsk region in Southern Russia (at 03:20 UT). Devastating sonic boom shattered windows, activate car alarms and collapsed a factory roof. Over 1100 people was injured mainly by broken glass due to shock wave. Few people needed intense care. There is several videos of the fireball and sonic booms. Energy released was estimated to be equivalent of 470 kt of TNT. About 30 times energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

This seems to be the first case in modern times when large number of people was injured by a meteorite and significant damages for property has been occured. Lots of small fragments of meteorite (a LL5 chondrite) has been found. Main mass was recovered later that year. Main mass was 540 kg (88x66x62 cm) with additional 7 pieces weighting 84,4 kg recovered from the Chebarkul lake.

Since major event was the airblast, name Chelyabinsk is used here. The meteorite is officially named also as Chelyabinsk.

Added 15 Feb 2013 at 12:25 UT
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