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Country Sweden
CoordinatesLat. N 62°55' Long.E 14°33.84'
Diameter km 0.7
Age Ma or date 455.0 ±10.0
Remarks A long known anomalous structure. A drill core samples revealed some planar deformation features as a evidence of shock metamorphosis. Structure is similar in age than nearby (15km in NE) Lockne impact structure. This is probably a twin impact structure with Lockne (Schmieder et.al. 2014b). Age is for Lockne.
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Alwmark 2013 Alwmark C., Holm S., Ormö J. and Sturkell E, "Shocked quartz in the Målingen structure - evidence for a small twin crater to the Lockne impact structure", Abstract 2100, 44th LPSC (2013)
Schmieder et.al. 2014b Martin Schmieder M., Trieloff M., Schwarz W.H., Buchner E. and Jourdan F., Supportive comment on: "Morphology and population of binary asteroid impact craters", by K. Miljkovic, G.S. Collins, S. Mannick and P.A. Bland [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 363 (2013) 121-132] - An updated assessment, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 405, 281-284 (2014)
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