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Country Morocco
CoordinatesLat. N 3159' Long.W 531'
Diameter km 1.0
Age Ma or date not known
Synonyms Ilmichil crater(s)
Remarks Plenty of very well formed shatter cones was found while searching Agoudal iron meteorites. Also breccia samples has been found with pieces of shatter cones. Impact structure must be old, since no traces of it can be seen on ground or in horizontally setled sedimentary rock strada next to the site. That means hills around the location must be younger than the impact.

There has been speculations that the shatter cones and iron meteorites are connected, but I can not see any reason for that. Iron meteorite fall in area is much more resent event (estimation of 40 000 years was somewhere). There has also been an idea that shatter cones are transported from crater like Isli lake. However, there is no evidence that Isli lake is an impact structure. There is some breccias, but no shatter cones. No hard evidence has been reported that breccias of Isli lake are formed by an impact.

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Ibhi 2013 Ibgi A., Nachit H., Moroccan Agoudal Impact Crater: Allochthonous or Autochthonous Shatter Cones Origin? Universal Journal of Geoscience 1(3), 125-129 (2013)
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