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Country Australia
CoordinatesLat. S 24°35' Long.E 133°09'
Diameter km 0.157
Age Ma or date <0.005
Synonyms Double Punchbowl
Remarks Meteorite Henbury (Om IIIAB iron). Age of 0.001 Myr has been offered. Meteorite was found 1931. There is 13-14 craters. The main crater is obviously formed by two impacting bodies. Among the aporiginals there is legend of fiery explosion. Aporiginal name for the place is Chindu chinna waru chingi yaku which means Sun walk fire devil rock. So, there is a possibility that this was a vitnessed impact.

Craters are protected today as a Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve and collecting meteorite fragments or impactite rocks in the area is illegal.
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