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Country Sweden
CoordinatesLat. N 57°22'04" Long.E 16°14'56"
Diameter km 1.2
Age Ma or date ~470-460.0
Synonyms Lake Hummeln, Lake Humeln
Remarks Shock featrures was finaly found 2015. So impact origin of this old candidate is now proven by shocked quartz (Ferrière et.al. 2015). Evidences for impact origin of this structure has been quite convinsing, but it is not always easy task to confirm impact origin.
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CoM 1985 Graham, Bevan and Hutchison, ''Catalogue of Meteorites'', 4th Edition, (1985).
Ferrière et.al. 2015 Ferrière L., Alwmark C., Holm-Alwmark S., Ormö J., Leroux H. and Sturkell E. The Hummeln structure (Sweden) - Impact origin confirmed and its link to the L-chondrite parent body break-up event. Abstract 1758, 46th LPSC (2015)
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