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Country Estonia
CoordinatesLat. N 57°57'36" Long.E 27°24'11"
Diameter km 0.08
Age Ma or date >0.0066
Synonyms Illumetsa, Ilumetsy
Remarks Craters of Ilumetsä: Põrguhaud (80 m), Sügavhaud (50 m), Tondihaud or Kuradihaud? (24 m). Meteoritic origin for two largest of them are usually considered as proven. It is not sure if other smaller depressions are meteoritic in origin. There is several mention that there was 5 craters. Four of them can be found today.

There is some problems with Ilumetsä craters. Dating is for spherule layer (incl. also Fe and Ni) found from bog drill core taken 6 km SW (Raukas 2001). However, cross-sections of Põrguhaud suggest that depression was there already before the last ice age. There is basal till and sand mixed with till on top layer inside the rims. That seems almost impossible if impact happened 6600 years ago. Stratigraphy of crater seems to point much older age. That could explain some missing deposits of these craters (Devonian sandstone breccia, fractured bedrock, uplifted rims, shock evidences). Other possibility is that these are not impact craters at all.

I decided to mark this as proven keeping mind that small craters are always hard to prove. They often lack clear evidence of shock metamorphosic. Ilumetsä also seems more convincing than nearby Tsöörikmäe which I drop into list of canditates.

Coordinates for Põrguhaud checked in April 2014.
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