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Country Estonia
CoordinatesLat. N 58°22'22" Long.E 22°40'09"
Diameter km 0.11
Age Ma or date 0.00324 ±0.000011
Synonyms Estonia, Kaali craters, Kaalijärv, Oesel, Saaremaa Island, Sall
Remarks Meteorite Kaalijärv (Og IAB iron). These craters was known already in early 1800's but it was 1927 when meteoritic origin of these craters were established.

Most recent dating for Kaalijärv is 3240±11 BP (Losiak et.al. 2015). It is a C14 dating from charcoal emplaced with proximal ejecta blanket just outside from the crater rim. Which is probably the ideal material for C14 dating. Source of charcoal was identified as spruce branches. Which also confirms that the impact happened on land.

Coordinates are for the main crater.
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