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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 62°08' Long.E 24°36'
Diameter km 14.0
Age Ma or date >=1144.0 ±10.0
Remarks Deeply eroded old impact structure. Well formed shatter cones can be found in outcrops.

In situ shatter cones and shocked quartz found in erratic breccia boulder where presented in Hietala 2004. Diameter of 14 km is from Hietala 2007. Diameters up to 30-40 km has been proposed. Age of 1140.0 ±10.0 in situ breccia dike (mentioned in Hietala 2007) from Schmieder 2010. However, it is not known for sure how that breccia dike is related to impact event. Dating suggest that age of the impact related features is in range 1880.0 - 1144.0 Ma.

Shocked quartz with decorated PDFs in Keurusselkä shatter cone rock was first mentioned in Raiskila 2010. Impact origin of Keurusselkä was substantiated by measuring 372 decorated PDF sets in quartz grains from in-situ shatter cone samples suggesting shock pressures up to 12-20 GPa range (Ferriére 2010a, Ferriére 2010c). That study shows that Keurusselkä is an deeply eroded impact structure.

Nature of decorated PDFs was also questioned because metamorphic L+V composition of checked fluid inclusions (Kinnunen 2010). However, one should remember that decorated PDFs are created long time after the impact when amorphous quartz in PDFs is healing in normal geological conditions. So you are not supposed to find any anomalities in fluid inclusions content because impact. They are only showing conditions when PDFs healed and formed fluid inclusions. Petrology of decorated PDFs also differs from primary, secondary and pseudosecondary fluid inclusions.

Alternative explanation for shatter cones is presented (Kinnunen 2009, Kinnunen 2010). Claims was commented in Öhman 2009. Arguments agains impact generated shatter cones in Keurusselkä is based on petrographic study of shatter cone surfaces, but full meaning of findings in the study is not known yet. Study explain that features were formed during slow non-impact processes.
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